A Stray Cat’s Wish


A Stray Cat’s Wish

a black stray cat could be my animal form

we share some experiences, forlorn

people avoid me on the street

even though my story is unknown

easier for me to not get too close

most who do wish me harm out of fear

or if they get close enough to offer affection

greeted by growling, arched back, and scratches

once someone cautiously approached me

left out tuna that when he wasn’t looking

I hungrily devoured…

a feast compared to garbage scraps

the man spoke in a soft voice

trying to come a little closer towards me

almost got close enough to pick me up

I bit him and clawed him until he bled

fleeing into the nearby alley

heart pounding against my ribs

two green eyes wide with fright

what had he planned to do with me?

once no longer scared

I thought as I groomed myself

perhaps he meant to take me home

to a place of warmth

I slipped in and out of shadows

meowed at his front door

hoping that I would be heard

and the door would open again

I don’t take up much space

my small body doesn’t eat much

give me a soft place to sleep

so this stray cat can purr for you

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013


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