Midnight Musings

Midnight Musings

strange days: weary pilgrim am I

roaming this earth knowing too many lives

risking 8 out of 9 lives: for what?

here is only temporary home

recall the waterfall in the great woods

only thoughts allow for my return

to the great crystal hall 

where I and you are light

we are both so much lighter there

body lacks energy for this foul density

mind experienced several lifetimes in one

please God allow the rest of this life…

to be calm and peaceful

abandoning midnight musings


4 thoughts on “Midnight Musings

  1. The poem is about feeling spiritually, emotionally and physically tired. Last night I was up late when I wrote the poem; thinking about how I could alleviate that feeling of emptiness. These days I don’t sleep well, so my late night thoughts are about more weariness. I want to abandon my own thoughts, so I can feel peaceful and calm during my waking hours. The poem is about myself and trying to make peace inside.

    1. LOL Some of my thoughts late at night can get pretty weird too. Most of the time I try to laugh about them and get some sleep. Hoping that the busy day I had may tire me out enough to get a good night’s sleep. Pretty sure from reading your poems that you are not a homosexual; you have a pretty good erotic imagination when it comes to women. 😉

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