Dove Real Beauty Sketches

Dove did an interesting social experiment where they had women describe themselves to a forensic sketch artist who was separated from them by a curtain. Later on these same women had a sketch done by the same artist who had someone else who met them for the first time describe their physical appearance to the artist. What is most interesting is the difference between how each woman describes herself and how a complete stranger sees her.

There are more posts on Youtube where the artist, and each of the women describe what the experiment was like for each of them. With one woman in particular there is a startling difference between how she sees herself and how a stranger remembers her face. Do you think that most of us are very self-critical of our physical appearance?

As a woman, I grew into my teen years bombarded by the media’s depiction of unrealistic standards of beauty. These images negatively reinforce a young woman’s self-esteem that the constant nit-picking in the mirror blocks her from succeeding in other areas of her life. What struck me is how the men in the video talked about certain features of a woman’s face rather than flaws.

Perhaps, we could all do more with seeing our own unique beauty rather than trying to fit an unattainable standard. It is something that I hope to encourage in all the other women in my life.



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