thinking on heart breaking wisdom gained

youth’s passionate embraces

whether car’s backseat or his bed

am I one of many notches?


for some just a footnote

in the revolving door between their thighs

vague memory of stolen bliss

borrowed for just one night


you claim an insatiable hunger

one that can’t or won’t die

you’re a tom seeking me in heat

different from a sweet talking Casanova


how many women fell under your spell?

how many hearts did you break?

did one of them break yours?

by you being just a notch on her bedpost


now jaded by Don Juan’s games

yet seeing your pure heart

wishing to understand what is it

you seek by making notches on your bedpost

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013


2 thoughts on “Notches

    1. I think most of us can relate to the meaning of the poem. I spent most of my youth finding sex instead of the love that I really wanted. The two can travel together, but sex has little meaning unless love is involved.

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