The vulva is a part of the female anatomy that provokes controversy when it is the subject of discussion. How many of us as women have actually looked at and appreciated our own anatomy as being beautiful? How many men can look at it as being something more than a way to gratify their own pleasure? Beck Peacock directed the documentary “Petals” that talks about photographer Nick Karras’ journey in creating an art book about the vulva, and how the book is received by readers. The documentary touches on the myths, and taboos surrounding female sexual identity. This film records the reactions of sexual educators, women who participated in the project, the general public, art critics and women’s health professionals as they confront the mysteries of womanhood. Karras treats this subject with a rare sensitivity while he works on the project that gives this images a very delicate beauty. The documentary is an interesting exploration of the subject of women’s sexual identity and self-esteem.



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