How is it?

you see so deep inwards

to the soul that I am

yet misinterpret fruits of a fear

like I am a stranger to you

only a witness to suffering

how is it you know so much

and know so very little:

the depth of a love I carry for you

when you are its witness

please tell me:

how is it?


4 thoughts on “How is it?

      1. The problem isn’t in knowing another so well — that can be natural and organic — the problem is with our own wounds, traumas, that influence our colouring of who we are, grinding in half-truths and setting damaging core beliefs. The problem is usually within ourselves and not the other person.

  1. Your comment was really wise. It can be hard to remember though when you are angry and upset. I am on a journey where a lot of wounds, and traumas are coming to the surface to be healed. A relationship that is very dear to my heart has been the catalyst for much of this process although it can be very trying to the both of us.

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