Love means…

A few days ago a friend quoted a line from the film, Love Story (1970). The film is based on the novel, with the same name, written by Erich Seagal. Ali McGraw, who plays the character of Jenny in the movie says the line: “Love never meaning having to say you’re sorry” after her and the male lead played by Ryan O’Neal had a lover’s quarrel. This movie is one of my favourite old movies that is worth watching if you enjoy a good love story. This morning, the rain is coming down outside my window, and mornings like this one are good for watching old movies while snuggled under a blanket with a cup of tea in your hands.



3 thoughts on “Love means…

      1. It’s a nice light movie — the kind I have used to fall asleep to a thousand times — it’s a romance and a comedy — by far my favourite Streisand role, even above The Way We Were …. I recommend you try it out …. and ah a sad movie — don’t know if I am up for that at the moment — but I’ll keep it on my list

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