“Cracked,” a Canadian police drama became available on Netflix earlier this month, and I ended up watching the whole first season over the course of a few days. I am very picky about what television series I watch for a variety of reasons. I may tune in for a couple of episodes then find neither the characters or the development of the story are compelling enough to keep me tuned in.

“Cracked” is a Canadian police drama that offers the viewer something very different. Aiden Black, played by David Sutcliffe, is a very interesting character as he is both a cop and coping with post traumatic stress disorder. Over the course of the series you watch how he copes with trauma that he has experienced, as well as the effects, it has on his relationships, career, and the way that he approaches cases. He is one member of a team that specializes in investigating crimes of a psychological nature. The other characters of Leo Beckett, Dr. Daniella Ripley, Poppy Winsett, and Inspector Diane Caligra all have a depth to them, which makes them very interesting.

The cast in this video discusses a bit more about the series, and tells a little bit about their characters. “Cracked” is worth watching episodes on Netflix Canada, or if you are located in Canada via:

Hope that you will check out the television series if you have an interest in something unique or enjoy psychology.



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