Stumped on How to Relax

Stumped on How to Relax

The weathered old garden gnome has a permanent home every year on a stump in my front yard. He is surrounded by what ever flowers I choose to plant in the rock garden around the stump. He is a reminder to myself to take a break and relax amongst the bustle that is life. I don’t always listen to what my body, mind or soul needs to nourish itself. The past couple of days I have had sciatic nerve pain in my hips and back. This can be frustrating as the only thing I can do is make time for rest, and adapt what I am doing to the limitations of my body. Are we truly our bodies though? Nope, this bag of flesh and bone that I am housed in is only a temporary home for my soul while I am visiting here. I have it for this lifetime, so I may as well give it the rest that it needs, and respect its limitations.



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