Zen Cat

Zen Cat

Life can be chaotic. Friday morning was one of those days where life got a little nuts. The hydro went out in the middle of the night. This meant that my alarm clock did not go off at the time that I needed to get up for my prenatal appointment. I actually was awake an hour later than I had planned.

Now potential lateness is one of those things that can trigger my anxiety. Normally, I arrive at least 15 minutes to half an hour early for my appointments or prior to starting a day at work. I very quickly took a fast shower and brushed my teeth then my husband and I left on the 45 minute commute to see my ob/gyn.

Before I go any further I should mention that my doctor works out of two clinics in the same community. We hit traffic on the way there, so we were already running late by about 10 to 15 minutes. We reached the medical clinic that my doctor works out of and she was not there. The office was undergoing renovations, so the receptionist and I were communicating via shouting.

We got the address for the other clinic and I was about half an hour late for my appointment. Now please bear in mind that I felt hormonal, hot (it was very humid here), and irritated by this point. When a pregnant woman reaches 31 weeks, and has an anxiety disorder it can make for an interesting combination.

Once I reached home the cat pictured, Teddy, climbed up onto my lap. He gave me his calm expression then began to purr very loudly once he settled down. It was like he was reminding me that after all the chaos there will be a moment of calm. I am hoping as I become a mother that things will start to ruffle my feathers much less and that I will be able to embrace the chaos more easily.



2 thoughts on “Zen Cat

    1. Sometimes those days may start off unpleasant and turn into a good day. It started off chaotic then it got much better once I had the opportunity to pause. Animals, especially cats, are great for reminding us how to relax and yes tea is always helpful too. 🙂

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