Goddess Within

Goddess Within

Weird days-spring fever

A woman of quiet means

Spell casting to receiver

Eyes directing to scenes


Lovers rise from the grass

Strumming in the forest

Melodic scale denies brass

Soft place for us to rest


White thighs and kind eyes

Hear the whispering smile

Refuse to tell you lies

Our pasts slipped off in pile


Sweet surrender to Goddess

She’s waiting for you

Your God and me in oneness

Hoping for what’s true


Beauty is in eye of beholder

What do you see, lover?

I’m the maiden’s shoulder

Bared and your eye’s hover


Woman-fertile soil of creation

What do you see, friend?

I’m the mother’s nation

Heart on whose you depend


Wise old woman’s eyes

What do you see, mate?

I’m the old soul’s ties

From life to life we sate


Our thirst for each other

Goddess seeks you

Corded to Great Mother

God’s true love

(c) Amanda Wilson


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