Feel It All

Sometimes visual images and music can be even more powerful than words I join together in a poem. Yesterday I found the music video for KT Tunstall’s song “Feel It All.” The music video has a man and a woman standing on a board where they balance each other’s weight. If one person steps off the board then the other will possibly fall over the cliff. The symbolism in the video is so powerful to me personally, because during difficult times in life it can be scary to feel it all and balance yourself on that board. Before KT Tunstall wrote the material on her latest album she had both lost her father in August of last year and been through a divorce, so the songwriting on Invisible Empire/Crescent Moon comes from a very honest place emotionally. Her music is worth a listen if you have the desire to hear something real.



2 thoughts on “Feel It All

  1. This was such a beautiful song I’ve never heard before and what a very meaningful video. I especially noticed how the woman was on the most vulnerable end of the board and the man was truly supporting her and she had to trust. Love can be so scary, but also so liberating. Thanks for sharing this video!

    1. You’re very welcome. KT Tunstall has composed some really great and heartfelt music, so I urge you to check our her album Invisible Empire/Crescent Moon. The concept for the music video worked really well with the song’s meaning. It can be very scary to be vulnerable and to love others. There is a freedom though to be found in taking the risk.

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