Writer’s Thoughts in Morning

Breathing slowly in and out; sipping on tea number one,

seeking blue sky mornings,

same shade of dream lover’s eyes,

a little sadness upon waking from the dream,

oh what a lovely dream it was!


Black cat with amber eyes watching me,

sympathy for only the moment,

sniffs at milk in tea on my desk,

draws meditative focus to her window perch,

her mysterious gaze turns to bird watching.


Whistling kettle steam aiding words flow,

make love to the page as if,

I was lost in kissing you…gentle lover of the dream,

under us a soft blanket of grass near the waterfall,

above us Van Gogh’s Starry Night.


Where ever the beloved is…

my heart does travel with you,

even though I thought that I stopped dreaming,

long before your eyes met mine,

you’re with me in early morning cups of tea and poems.

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013


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