Poem for the Broken Man

You are a broken man

Whose pain burns-

let love put out the fire

so hope can live


The world has not forgotten you

pain causes a horrible blindness

before you leave this world let love nurture you


Please remember you are precious

world would lose too much

Despite what you feel you did

Or failed in

They don’t matter in God’s heart


Remember you are unique

Someone’s precious child

And also a strong man

Whose heart can swing from birches again


This world is only a temporary home

It breaks a little or greatly

Creating the illusion of generations

Cursed to be separated from God

We are not fallen; just need to remember Home


We can trace that painful moment

where your heart broke

Let the love you deserve inside

for it’s an infinite well; healing the heart


The Beloved isn’t a stranger, but yes rest

Forgiveness: a rest for those who are friends and foes

Your Father is here with you now

His gifts are here and are at home

You always were Home

And so very very loved


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