Spiritual Laws of Intimate Love

One topic that interests me these days is learning about different perspectives on love from a place of higher consciousness, or soul connections. Deepak Chopra has some very insightful writings on spiritual development, soul mates and some other spiritual topics. This video touches on the stages of spiritual love. Hope that you find it to be insightful viewing.



9 thoughts on “Spiritual Laws of Intimate Love

  1. I have read one of Deepak Chopra books and am reading another one right now along with a third book by another author who happens to be a Swami on eastern spiritualism. This is a fascinating topic and that holds, what I believe is a great deal of truth. Thank you for sharing this, great post.

    1. Glad that you enjoyed this blog post. I find Deepak Chopra to be a very interesting author on spiritual topics. Another one who I enjoy reading is Paulo Coehlo. The topic once you start to learn more about it gives a greater depth to the process of loving and relating with others.

    1. I think that unconditional love is quite radical. When you look at conformity, and also the even the baggage that we bring that fuels the stories that the minds tells us; it is a very difficult challenge to love anyone in an authentic way. Fear is probably the biggest blockage to authentic relating to each other.

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