Soul Cravings

The video posted here is the trailer for a short video series based on Erwin McManus’ book “Soul Cravings.” The book is one that I am presently reading that has me greatly intrigued. McManus suggests that human beings have the intrinsic cravings for love, destiny and meaning that are placed there by God. What intrigues me is the idea that desire can bring one spiritually closer to source drawing us home like a magnet. I enjoy McManus’ conversational writing style and his exploration of these idea in a spiritual context. There aren’t too many Christian authors that I have enjoyed reading as I find them too preachy, or they lack the ability to entertain along with delivering their message. McManus manages to write in an entertaining and very unique way. His book and the short films are definitely worth reading and viewing if you are interested in humanity’s spiritual searching.

One thought on “Soul Cravings

  1. The notion that desires can bring us closer to Source or God is true — but the predominant thinking is that the reason they do so is because desire causes suffering to the point of seeking God in desperation after the things which you desired did not end up making you happy. The Christian notion is to surrender one’s personal ‘city building’ as Larry Crabb calls it, and to totally depend on GGod denying our total inability to do anything apart from through his power.

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