Turning Pages

Leaves mark the passage of time by changing bright colours before they fall gracefully to the ground. There is a crisp coolness to the air as I button up my black wool jacket. Halloween decorations abound in the aisles of local stores. As I returned from my afternoon of errands I watched school buses rumble down the roads. Why did summer fly by so fast?

A few of you who follow the blog may have noticed that I posted far less during the summer months. Summer is a busy time full of family events and gatherings. Family gatherings can be anxiety inducing for me as my husband has a large family. It isn’t possible to opt out of family gatherings when you married into a large family. Most of our weekends we spent going to these gatherings through July or August. As September arrived I am enjoying our quieter weekends.

Most week days it is just my son and I who spend the day together. Dylan is at the very active age of 14 months old. He is bright and very curious to explore the world around him. The toddler stage can test the mettle of even the most patient of parents. Today was a very good day but also tiring.

It is Friday evening and was a very long week. I feel much older than I did on Monday. This was a long week for many reasons. My introspective mood probably is not helping matters. Next week , on September 23rd, it will be my 35th birthday. Time feels like it is flying by so quickly that the moments to catch my breath are rare treats. A human life span is really a blink when you compare it to eternity.

Monday started off with angry words between myself and someone I care about. If it was possible I would love to rewind to that moment and prevent myself from opening my mouth. The exchange of words ended up in the severing of a relationship. The reasons for a conflict matter very little when the connections we hold in our hearts mean so much more.  Life is too short to carry resentment and anger in my “baggage.”

This week was one of new beginnings. I am making the conscious choice that my actions will support how I show love to myself. One choice is to eat as healthy as possible. I retire for bed at night much earlier than I used to as my body demands more rest. I walk or go swimming on a daily basis to show my body love by getting it to move. I spend a little time each evening reading, writing on the blog, creating art or crafts or watching a favourite movie.

This morning I began reading information on “Anahata” or heart chakra balancing. I have read about chakras before, but I have not worked with them. The past few months I have carried a great deal of anger and grief. I feel the need to learn more about releasing these so I can release that negativity.  My blog may record some of that journey.



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