Sensitivity Struggles

Today I am savouring an afternoon where I have a little solitude to reflect on this past weekend. It is Thanksgiving Monday here is Canada. My son is spending an afternoon to play with his father and I am using my contemplative mood  as inspiration for this blog post. I was born and raised in a small town where the people are friendly to one another, but I never really felt like I belong here. I am the observer who learns a great deal about people when I drink my coffee quietly. This practice led to me learning a great deal about human nature. We all crave a sense of community and belonging. I spent the first half of my adult life attending university away from my small town then I worked overseas as a teacher. Both of these experiences have enriched my life in unexpected ways. Karina touches on a lot of the struggles that a highly sensitive person can go through in her video. I hope that you find it to be insightful into those who are sensitive.



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