Integrating Shadow: The Warrioress

Megan Wagner discusses in her Youtube video series The Feminine Path of Power how and when we can call on feminine archetypes to enrich our lives and also talks about the shadow aspects of these archetypes. In the past two months, I have started to do shadow work during meditation to accept and love these parts to integrate them into my Self. Women can go down the path of fear where they allow others to behave towards them in a toxic manner. It can also cause women to close off parts of themselves to be deemed as acceptable by their culture or society. Warrioress grants us the gift of presence, so we live and connect to others in the present moment. She moves with decisive action, and supports others to do the same. She assists us to establish healthy boundaries with others to connect in healthy ways, which supports the other aspects of our feminine power.  She is the one who I call on when I need support to create sacred space for spiritual practice, or to ask others for the resources and time to nourish myself body and mind. She is the gatekeeper when it comes to the boundaries between where I end and others begin.


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