What’s Your Song?

Today I thought that I would give my readers a chance to interact with me on the blog. A few weeks ago I binge watched season 3 of the series Nashville on Netflix. The clip I posted above is about the character Scarlett O’Connor who has a nervous breakdown on stage; then a year later plays as part of a band at the same venue. Her band mates encourage her to use her music to show a skeptical audience what she is made of. The show appeals to me a great deal, because it follows those who pursue their musical passions while living in Nashville. I grew up in a family where my grandfather played his guitar, my grandmother sang, and my uncle also played guitar. There always was a good energy and passion in my grandparents’ home when they played. When I was in high school I was in two musicals and I still enjoy going out to sing karaoke regularly. Everyone of us has a song that we long to express to the world. It may come in the form of how you love people, what you create, or how you enjoy spending your time. So I would love for everyone who reads this to express your own soul’s song. Please send me a ping back in the comments below. I will be looking forward to hearing from you.



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