Duality Reflections

This song has been playing in my head most of this week so I thought that I would use it as the inspiration for a blog post. The song is “The River and The Highway” by Pam Tillis, and was released in 1996 when I was in my mid teens. My parents used to listen to country music television a lot when I was growing up. Music has always played a big part in our lives whether it plays in the background during our daily lives or plays a bigger role during special occasions.

The song tells a story about a woman and a man who travel physically separate yet are together as one in the spiritual sense. The woman, the river, travels a path that “follows the path of least resistance,” “no regard to distance,” and “never comes to a stop.” Yin (feminine) energy is very kinetic, flowing like water and continuous. The man, the highway, is “line between two lines of separation” and “he ends to where it says to on the map.” Yang (masculine) energy is logical, steady, and has a purpose when it acts. They both “roll” by themselves for much of their journey. Are we as men and women really so separate from each other? We seem to go through much of our lives alone.

There are moments of hope where we can connect to one another perhaps. Pam sings about “Every now and then he offers her a shoulder” and “Every now and then she overflows.” On rare occasions the man and the woman encounter each other when “a bridge crosses over; a moment every lover knows.” Love is perhaps what allows us to connect to each other for a very brief moment in time. It allows those energies to come together in one beautiful moment.


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