Depression and Suppressing Self Expression

I read this great  article via Wake Up World that discussed  the link  between depression  and denying  the self expression  of  your true  self to have  your emotional  needs  met. It leads you to become more isolated from authentic self, from Source and connecting to others in your life. Your true self is how your soul expresses itself in our physical existence. The false self is how we construct ourselves to have our needs met and is conditioned from a young  age.

I found the article to be very true about the link between suppressing yourself and depression. The more authentic I am the more that everything  in my life  slowly started to improve. Your relationships originate from a place of integrity, honesty, respect and love for you that you can  share  with  others. Your choices begin to shift to what best aligns  with who you are. When you love who you are and where you are  that is the true starting place for change.

It took me a long  time  to recover from depression. What made recovery difficult was the core belief that I was worthless if others didn’t  approve of me and that my self was unlovable. Both of these core beliefs  were  utter bullshit. I was  created by God who doesn’t  make mistakes. I’m a spiritual  being who is enjoying  and learning from a human experience.


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