The Creative Wall

What does one do when your creative juices feel tapped out? This morning it feels like  I hit a wall or my path is blocked by a large boulder that I can’t move. I had about six to seven months of creating art, writing poetry on a regular  basis  and  I started to learn photography. I experimented with sea shell craft, collage and painting with mixed mediums. It was a very emotional time for me, because I  grieve my father then lost another family member in June.    The second loss was my cousin who had not yet reached thirty years old. I’m a  few years older than he is so I spent a lot of time thinking existential thoughts. Art can be a great outlet for such an experience. I no longer know what to do with this blog or if anyone  reads my posts. I am not sure whether I have outgrown this blog, need to breathe fresh  life into it or to start a new creative project. Has anyone out there experienced  this creative wall? I would love to hear from you in the comments  what you did to climb the creative wall.


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