Twin Flame Letter 2

Dear Twin,

There  is  nothing  you could confess that will alter the  infinite love I  feel  for you .  It is  through my heart that my soul connects to your soul. You are everything  that I  have  ever wanted since I  recognized  your soul  when  I  first looked into your eyes. You are my first ray of  sunshine upon waking. You  are  my midnight prayful vigil when  the  rest of  the  world  slumbers. You are what my heart longs during sleepless nights. You are the home that  I  spent  lifetimes seeking.

What do  I  want  your soul to know? The only one  who  loves you  more than  me  is the  God we originate from. With each of  my heartbeats I  breathe this love into physical  reality. It is what fuels the artist’s  creations, and  how we change  the  world. It is the only real  power there is. As more we open up to this love it will  start revolutions.

Love is so much bigger  than the  clay vessels we are. It helps us to  remember our divine nature. We were always  whole and unconditionally  loved.

You lit my soul on fire once more. I am learning how to work with the soul’s fire. God sheds everything  from  me  that love is  not. Much like giving  birth, the process is painful  and  hard. It requires  patience and endurance to keep  going when  you  want  to  give up. We will  see our toil bring such a  rich harvest for our world.

I  love you, my beloved, for all eternity.

Your Twin


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