Angel Reflections: Forgiveness

Dear subscribers,

You will notice that this  week’s  posts are going to be  organized  in a  different manner  than what I was doing. Previously I was  publishing sporadically with either lots  of  blog posts, or long  durations  between publication dates. My goal is  to aim for publication  on Monday, Wednesday  and Friday. Each day will revolve around a different  theme.

There  was  a  point about two  weeks  ago  where I  was  thinking  about  deleting my blog posts, and  starting fresh  or taking  a long break from blogging. I’m  not  the same person  that  I  was in 2012, so it makes  sense  that my creative  outlet would transform too. A reader sent me an email two  weeks  ago that prompted me to give the  blog another look. She said how she could  see how healing it is  to connect  to  others. That was  the  core reason  why I  started writing on WordPress about healing, spirituality, love and connection in the first place.

My upcoming posts will be revolving  around the  content about those topics. If you enjoy what I  write  then please share my posts via social  media, such as, Twitter  and  Facebook. Whether you  are  sitting  on  the  bus or in a  cafe sipping  coffee; I  am  certain  someone near you  has known heart break. We hold space for others to  be their  authentic  selves, and  to remember  their wholeness by expressing the  truth of our personal  journeys.

What  I will be  doing on Monday is to write a  reflection  to start the  week  based on  drawing  an oracle card, or a spiritual  quotation. I  drew the  card “Forgiveness” from the  Healing  with the  Angels oracle  deck by Doreen Virtue.


“Let go of anger and resentment, and  feel  yourself healed. You don’t  need  to  forgive the action, just the person, so that you  can  be at peace.” (Virtue p. 21).

We all face times where someone  has said  or done something  that  hurt us. If we are  unforgiving then we can  slowly poison  ourselves with anger and  resentment. It takes great strength to forgive someone even  if  an apology  is never received. There are  times where I  didn’t  deserve  forgiveness and  have received it, so why not  give someone  else  the gift of  grace. Forgiveness is a  great act of  unconditional  love. It is  also  one of  the  most challenging to do.

It is  an even greater act of  self love to forgive yourself  when you  have  done  or said wrong  to others. There is something beautiful  when someone tries to right their mistakes  and start over. Perhaps  we need to show compassion to those who are  trying  to  better  themselves . We are imperfect human  beings  trying  to  bumble our way through  this existence.

Wishing all  of  you  a blessed  week,

Amanda Daoust


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