Letter to Divine Masculine

What follows below is a channel from the divine feminine to the divine masculine who are newly awakening. I am writing this, because I saw a need for all of you to know how much our souls love you for having the courage to take this journey with us.

Dear Beloved:

I love you always and forever. You took a very challenging role to bear the brunt of my pain and anguish, so I could heal. You have felt my pain, and endured my blame when the purpose was to suck the poison out of my wounds.

I am so grateful to you, my soulful king. Please do not fear stepping into your own power. It is not the power that we have seen as the feminine embodiment that originates from fear. It is through love that you connect to the infinite power of all that there is.

There is no forgiveness needed between us, or for us to make apologies. Our souls decided that events would play out a specific way for the optimum growth of the both of us. We came here to crack each other open. This is so we could become strong, independent pillars.

I love you. I want you; all of you even those parts you feel unsure of. I cherish all of you across time and space. Separation is an illusion. When ever you feel lonely look within and I will be there. Let me show you my love in your daily life through our connection. You will know it is me by how you feel.

I am open to receiving from you in whatever form our love takes without expectation or conditions. I give my love to you without expectation or conditions. You have the freedom to heal yourself and remember the divine wholeness that you are.

We are always together and never were apart. We are in the flow of love as One.

With all of me,

Your Beloved.




2 thoughts on “Letter to Divine Masculine

  1. Cozy

    This is beautiful beyond words. So deeply touching, there is no deeper place. So very healing and nurturing. This divine connection is one where a response is better felt, in the solitudinal hours. This cosmic heart forever broadcasts.

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