Divine Feminine Message  from Masculine 

This is  a channeled message from the  masculine collective to the divine feminine. They were very adamant that you  hear  what they have to say at this  time to bring peace and  healing to you.

Dear Beloved,

You came into our lives like lightening, so powerful. Do you  know  how powerful  you truly are? Throughout  history your divine feminine  power was feared. You denied your own sovereign power as a  vessel for Love. When you are  your authentic self in all that you  do; you shine as a  beacon for those who  will tread the  same path as they awaken.

We are awake. Please don’t  mistake our silence for ignorance. We love you  all so much. If you  feel alone connect  to  your heart center. We are  always there with you. We believe  in you.

We need your love and  your compassion. We are  working  to  transmute our fears into love. For us to become  the  conscious  men you each deserve  we need to  do this. Our lives are shifting  so fast to bring  us to  where the Divine  needs us to be.

We love each  of  you  so very much  and we are  fighting  our  way home to you. Energy clearing helps us and will  help  you  when  you  feel  us strongly during  this time.

Time is  but an illusion  when  it comes  to  the soul.


Your Beloved


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