The Journey Starts Here

By Rumi

Don’t go off sightseeing.

The real journey is right here.

The great excursion starts from exactly where you are.

You are the world.

You have everything you need.

You are the secret.

 You are the wide opened.

Don’t look for the remedy for your troubles outside yourself.

You are the medicine.

You are the cure for your own sorrow.

Writing again was the beginning of reconnecting with my divine essence, my soul, or my Higher Self. It is the one part of me that remained untouched by the suffering that I have experienced. Recently someone graced me with the gift of a word. Words have great power to maim or to heal. This friend told me that I am astonishing. Astonishing means so remarkable as to elicit disbelief. Some of the synonyms include: wonderous, miraculous, phenomenal, fantastic, unbelievable, and incredible.

Astonishing is also an appropriate word to describe the fact that I am still breathing for there have been a couple of times that my life was spared. My life experiences have been at times harrowing, and also joyous. Most of all I am a survivor who is so stubborn that rather than just living…it is my desire to thrive. As I began to find the fractured pieces of my psyche; I can tell you that I am sensitive, brave, creative, passionate, and most of all strong.

Love has been the driving force propelling me forward…unconditional love from God, and from those on earth who have the courage to love unconditionally by accepting me as I am. It took me a long time to start to give myself that same gift of unconditional love. Self-hatred almost killed me through self-destructive behaviours. At this point, I do not judge myself for my past choices, but rather learn valuable lessons from them.

This blog is my journey from living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Major Depression towards to creating a more prosperous, joyful and healthy life for myself. This blog posts are my historical record of that journey. Each of you reading my blog has your own life story, and it was only by breaking my own silence that I could hope to find peace again.

May you find insight into the experience of someone coping with a mental illness so it will help you to grow in compassion, and understanding. If you have experienced trauma, and suffering then I hope that you find inspiration in my blog posts. Recovery is possible when the desire, tools and support are there. No one is a hopeless cause ever.

My blog posts include everything from poetry to articles. Hope that you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them.


Amanda Daoust


One of the few recent photos where someone caught me smiling.


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      1. igudger

        I think that’s great. You deserve to be free. You have so much to give. That’s apparent from your beautiful writing.

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