Fall’s Blessings

Last weekend we had Thanksgiving here in Canada. It was my first one without my father since his death in December 2014. This past year hasn’t been an easy one for me emotionally. I have always been deeply sensitive to the emotions of those around me, and I feel my own very intensely. Something shifted in me bearing witness to my mother’s grief at losing her partner of 39 years (it would have been forty this past August) and how the dynamic has changed within my family since my dad is no longer physically with us. I am not the same person who I was a year ago or even a few days ago. What my experiences have taught me is that love lives on after we die and your time on this earth can be very short. I am very gently getting acquainted with my soul and what lights it up. Photography, art and writing are those creative things that keep my spark lit. Yesterday evening I took a long walk with my camera where I snapped close to 80 photographs. Below you will find a sampling of what I find beautiful about this time of year.

DSC00205 DSC00206 DSC00214 DSC00215 DSC00216 DSC00218 DSC00219


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