Train Wrecks

You are a beautiful disaster,

I love your messiness,

Reminds me to love my imperfections,

We collide into each other,

Setting off a chain reaction.

It could be a train wreck,

Or the lotus emerging from the mud,

White, pure and oh so beautiful!

All I know is that I love you.


Creative Beginnings


Photographs make time frozen in a perfect moment that one can only revisit when you go through your collection of pictures. Halloween’s passage made for an introspective time for me personally. Autumn began with my 35th birthday, which has me at life’s midpoint. I know that I can snap all the photographs in the world, but I cannot stop the passage of time. We can always choose what we do with the present moment that is right in front of us. The photograph above will be exhibited starting November 18th until December 29th at my local museum as part of an annual art show held by local artists. I chose recently to open my heart to the possibilities that intuition leads me towards. Something beautiful can happen when you are willing to receive who or what is in alignment with your soul. We each have a beautiful inner compass that guides our journey through this life if we will only trust it.


Hopeful Art

Hopeful Art

Recently, I have began to develop a little bit of an addiction to Pinterest. As a writer and artist who works in multiple mediums I have enjoyed searching for inspirational ideas. This piece of art in the photograph was inspired by the many mixed media pieces that I pinned onto one of my boards. I painted the canvas with forest green acrylic paint then did a light brushing with silver paint. I allowed that to dry overnight then used scrapbook paper, lace, a mirror, a Christmas ornament, old greeting cards and stickers to finish it. Hope is something so very central to enjoying life that is why I chose it as my theme. Wishing all of you a good week full of inspiring ideas.


Creative Outlets

Oil Pastel Drawing from my sketchbook


Creative Outlets

message transcends the medium

inspired by royal blue twilight with copper trees

or spring garden blooms

my world exists in colour

bright, vibrant and so alive

like the spirit within me

internal pilot light rekindled from within

paint brushes, canvas, silk flowers, beads, and paints

something magical emerges from the mess

chaos brought into order 

a meditative process where the mind rests and renews itself

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013

Heart Bud

Heart Bud

This is a photograph of one of my paintings. It shows inside a heart this bud is still closed up before it is about to grow. As I write this blog post rain is pattering outside my window. The rain comes to nourish the flowers before they start to grow. After a long winter, signs of spring are finally here bringing with them new hope and the promise of new beginnings.