Unsent Words

Fire between my legs,

Itch I can’t scratch,

Cat in heat howling at the moon,

Stirs when I think of you,

Thought only girls caught butterflies,

I will never let you know:

How much my body craves you,

How my heart yearns to know you,

How my soul swears that it already does,

Longing to fade into you,

Letting go takes all of me,

So unsent words you will not see.


Soul Cravings

The video posted here is the trailer for a short video series based on Erwin McManus’ book “Soul Cravings.” The book is one that I am presently reading that has me greatly intrigued. McManus suggests that human beings have the intrinsic cravings for love, destiny and meaning that are placed there by God. What intrigues me is the idea that desire can bring one spiritually closer to source drawing us home like a magnet. I enjoy McManus’ conversational writing style and his exploration of these idea in a spiritual context. There aren’t too many Christian authors that I have enjoyed reading as I find them too preachy, or they lack the ability to entertain along with delivering their message. McManus manages to write in an entertaining and very unique way. His book and the short films are definitely worth reading and viewing if you are interested in humanity’s spiritual searching.

Fifty Shades

two from different worlds

favour for a friend opening a door

a powerful man more than a little broken

fifty shades of fucked up

a beautiful disaster

a woman with innocent eyes and a feisty spirit

unexpected love story or a power play

submission and domination: flipping switch back and forth

hard and soft limits

how far will you go for love?

a red room: pleasure or pain’s domain?

tools of the exchange…

riding crop

butt plug


ben wa balls

turning each other inside out

passion bursting the heart open to love

a crushing then healing emerges from the mess

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013


Finding a Safe Haven

Nicholas Sparks is one of my favourite authors, and I also greatly enjoy his films based on his novels. One of the ways that I relax is to take a few hours to watch a good movie. “Safe Haven” was a film that I greatly enjoyed, because the movie is about second chances that come from finding love in an unexpected place. The character of Katie carries a dark secret that causes her to leave everything that she knows, but the unexpected happens when she develops a bond with Alex, a widower, who has two children. The film appeals to me probably, because even if you have been through something there is always a chance for a new beginning.


Love means…

A few days ago a friend quoted a line from the film, Love Story (1970). The film is based on the novel, with the same name, written by Erich Seagal. Ali McGraw, who plays the character of Jenny in the movie says the line: “Love never meaning having to say you’re sorry” after her and the male lead played by Ryan O’Neal had a lover’s quarrel. This movie is one of my favourite old movies that is worth watching if you enjoy a good love story. This morning, the rain is coming down outside my window, and mornings like this one are good for watching old movies while snuggled under a blanket with a cup of tea in your hands.



The vulva is a part of the female anatomy that provokes controversy when it is the subject of discussion. How many of us as women have actually looked at and appreciated our own anatomy as being beautiful? How many men can look at it as being something more than a way to gratify their own pleasure? Beck Peacock directed the documentary “Petals” that talks about photographer Nick Karras’ journey in creating an art book about the vulva, and how the book is received by readers. The documentary touches on the myths, and taboos surrounding female sexual identity. This film records the reactions of sexual educators, women who participated in the project, the general public, art critics and women’s health professionals as they confront the mysteries of womanhood. Karras treats this subject with a rare sensitivity while he works on the project that gives this images a very delicate beauty. The documentary is an interesting exploration of the subject of women’s sexual identity and self-esteem.


Grief in The Shipping News

When I first began my healing I read a novel by E Annie Proulx called The Shipping News. The novel and the movie both depict character development of a few characters through the themes of grief and healing. Quoyle, the protagonist, experiences the loss of his girlfriend and the mother of his child. His father also passes away shortly before this. It is through these two events that his daughter and himself move to New Foundland to begin a new life. He becomes a writer with the local newspaper where he learns a great deal about himself and his family’s past. The film shows that it is never too late to start again in life; even after experiencing tragedy.