A Heart’s Visit

Paths intersect for a brief moment,
I wonder if a meeting…
Can change the heart’s direction?
Only One outside time and space knows,
Heart heals and light glows again,
Through the cracks and beautiful scars,
I hope some day to see you again,
And be able to call you, friend.
Your heart telling me…
Where it has been since we parted,
Like a spiral we return to where we started.


Girl They Want to Fuck

It’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for…

Or so they say,

From puberty they could smell it,

She would try to hide it,

Behind her innocent smile,

Searching for something deeper,

Promise of it disappears and reappears,

Initiated into sex through violence.

She deluded herself into not caring,

They fuck. They leave.

She craves safety,

No longer wanting to be,

Girl they want to fuck.

Buried in You

Bare feet caress the earth,
Connecting myself to the circuit,
Remind  me why I am here…
You call for me to love,
I’ve  loved them all.
They ebb and flow like the tides…
Could one heart leave a candle burning,
In the window just for me?
I’m weary from a long journey,
A gypsy soul longs to settle,
For a loving soul to wash my feet,
Have a hot meal waiting by the fire,
And to gift my heart,
With the solace it needs most,
Burying myself in you.

Unsent Words

Fire between my legs,

Itch I can’t scratch,

Cat in heat howling at the moon,

Stirs when I think of you,

Thought only girls caught butterflies,

I will never let you know:

How much my body craves you,

How my heart yearns to know you,

How my soul swears that it already does,

Longing to fade into you,

Letting go takes all of me,

So unsent words you will not see.


grinding internal gears as I am

walking along China’s great wall

off into cliche sunset…



you are inside yet outside

moving into my cells

ghost walking through them



one who is always there

you upset my false peace

one who strokes my hair



you try to tumble them down

when another body meets you

I rebuild brick by brick as new word arrives


(c) Amanda Wilson 2013


forgotten foreign tears

drop after drop

slit down the middle

gutted to the core as cod from the fish market

horrible stench of rotting flesh

falling off the bones

bloody innards spilling onto the table

suck out the marrow

all I’ve wanted

stopped my dreaming

too numbed for pained words

4,000 miles from

where I’ve been and back

only to boomerang once again

let me drown…drain the marrow

in my bones…

in my soul…


(c) 2012 Amanda Wilson