Stolen Tea Moment

Early morning moment where all is calm,

Savouring the silence,

Tea kettle whistle breaks my morning stillness,

Infuser filled with perfumed tea leaves and water,

Steep together; creating peaceful magic.

A stolen moment of pause before my day speeds up.

Embracing my day to day chaos; remembering to breathe…

Inhale deeply.

Exhale slowly.

Healing balm where time stands still for one mindful moment,

Where body, mind, heart and soul find repose.

My familiar comfort called upon when stealing a moment for tea.


Mirror Play

I touch the reflective glass

you try to pull me through

who is reflected here?

not the daughter…

not the mother…

not the wife…

not the teacher…

not the lover…

not the body I occupy…

can we get lost in each other?

uncertain if you are mirage or hyper reality

searching for someone on the other side

as through the looking glass I step

are you waiting for me there?

so many forms fell away 

and the last one pools at my feet like silk

naked before you I am

dancing mirror play


Riding Samsara

a soul leaving body for true home

we mourn you on your way

you may return in a different place and time

carrying the human experience back to Source

here you ride the waves of Samsara

joy and sorrow, love and hate, birth and death:

every season turns to another

marking illusion time is passing

reality found in moment of a baby’s smile or a lover’s arms

otherwise we ride the waves of Samsara

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013

Can You Hold the Rain?

you come and go inside me

gazing into the gentle eyes of a wild stallion

listening to roar of high rock winds

their cries heard but echoes not held

storm clouds gather in misty skies

torrents caught in earth’s nooks and crannies

before absorbed by Gaia once again

water droplet balanced on verdant growth

as the flowing water or high winds…

they travel their own way in time

same as I do; this wild mare looking back at you

can you hold the rain?

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013

Sing Like No One Hears

Sing Like No One Hears

Car load full up

Beautiful contradictions

Girls’ night craziness

Retro tune play-list shuffles

Shot gun I sit

Grinning ear to ear

Anticipating old school memories

Remembering a little girl

Kicking it footloose

Buckled in adult woman

Belting out the same tune

Off key passionately

Other ladies join in

For wonderful moment of Oneness

Karaoke means tone deaf

Japanese: I think

Not caring-lost in the moment

Sing like no one hears


(c) 2012 Amanda Wilson