Fall’s Blessings

Last weekend we had Thanksgiving here in Canada. It was my first one without my father since his death in December 2014. This past year hasn’t been an easy one for me emotionally. I have always been deeply sensitive to the emotions of those around me, and I feel my own very intensely. Something shifted in me bearing witness to my mother’s grief at losing her partner of 39 years (it would have been forty this past August) and how the dynamic has changed within my family since my dad is no longer physically with us. I am not the same person who I was a year ago or even a few days ago. What my experiences have taught me is that love lives on after we die and your time on this earth can be very short. I am very gently getting acquainted with my soul and what lights it up. Photography, art and writing are those creative things that keep my spark lit. Yesterday evening I took a long walk with my camera where I snapped close to 80 photographs. Below you will find a sampling of what I find beautiful about this time of year.

DSC00218 DSC00219 DSC00216 DSC00215 DSC00214 DSC00206 DSC00205


Between Lines

So many words remain unspoken

Kitty cat ticks on the wall

Kitchen kitsch, marking time unbroken

Suburban sprawl completed by strip mall


Breeding ground of 1990s punk

When did they sell out

Former bohemians now in a funk

Hipsters who wore floral dress and a pout


Magic of a different time and place

Another year will close

Older. Wiser? Nope just age’s race

A family portrait pose


What do you read between lines

Walking down boulevard of broken dreams

Slept through September; covered in vines

Wake us up with enlightened schemes


(c) Amanda Daoust 2013



going off into battle

armoured with pen as my sword

in the dark its one weapon

no one can steal

I know the right words

that could change attitudes

outside of comfort zone

when I speak my truth

hoping that inner reserves

prevent my voice from cracking

as truth is put into words?

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013

Precious Moments

I thought that I would share this video with you that has thought provoking images, and the song by Bryan Adams “Don’t Let Go.” We are living in a complicated time in history where one can see political, and economic upheavel. Old systems are being replaced as they no longer work the way that they once did. Change can be a scary thing, but a global shift in thought has begun that could be much better for all of us. A moment where love touches our hearts and souls needs to be treasured and remembered. Those moments of beauty connect us as a human beings to one another. Love bridges illusions of difference created by culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and race. Fear of difference keeps us separated from one another. At our core we all wish to give and receive love. How will your heart answer the call?