Not one to call attention to herself,

mouth set in quiet determination,

lady even dressed in overalls and rubber boots,

standing in the muck.


She is beauty speaking quietly,

forgiving sin before the prayer,

the sweetest sound heard by the wretched,

transgressor pleading on his knees.


She is Pistis Sophia,

close to God’s heart,

she’s where he sends his creative motion.


Seeker calls her by many names…

she is like the Crane soaring in the sky,

Buddhists light their hopeful incense,

seeking Kuan Yin’s guidance.


Compassion found in lowliest places,

filled rice bowl for the street urchin,

warm blanket for the homeless,

where we witness,

God’s heart moving others to grace.


Where Love Resides

silence walking home on a snowy night

as the moon keeps me company

a silver orb and comforting guardian

light playing passionately with the shadows


as I am not alone then

an angel’s wings cover grieving parents

who gently nurse their broken hearts

their little spark left them too soon

her bright laughter touched many hearts

she is still there in their love


the bowl of soup filling up a growling belly

a hug shared between two friends

wiping away a baby’s tear

your blue eyes reaching into my soul

these are all places where love resides


Tantra and Love

This video gets into the laws of love, which I try to live by as much as I can. Love has been healing my heart. It begins with a spiritual connection to God as you understand him, her, or it personally. Then you begin to remove the barriers in your heart that block love from entering by healing those wounds you have endured. Love manifests in our lives when you stop seeking it and allow yourself to be it. Self-love takes time, and is by far the most challenging part of the journey of the heart. One can stay the course by continuing to show compassion towards yourself as well as others. This means doing what you need to in order to nourish your spirit. Last night that meant for me taking a long warm shower, putting on comfortable pjs, watching a classic movie, and eating some vanilla ice cream. These actions bring my soul joy and comfort, which are ways of being compassionate and loving towards myself. What actions could you take today to nourish your spirit?



The Wounded Healer

“Our sorrows and wounds are only healed when we touch them with compassion.”


A wise person once told me that healing is an art, while medicine is a science. Healing deals with issues on the level of the spirit. Now I tend to agree with this. For someone to recover from physical illness, mental illness, or spiritual distress requires the use of multiple disciplines, because if the mind is affected then the patient is also experiencing physical symptoms as well. For those of us who deal with anxiety one example is when someone really worries their heart beat quickens, you perspire, and many suffer from digestive disorders, like Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Stress can make chronic health conditions worsen, as the body, mind and spirit become further out of balance.

Four years ago, I had the privilege of working with a counselor who was a survivor of sexual trauma herself. Now she is a real life example of the wounded healer. Carol Myss, Ph. D, discusses the wounded healer archetype in relation to the healing process for the healer and the patient. The process of healing yourself can be the biggest challenge that anyone will face in life, because those who are wounded also wound others. It is only by facing both of these sides that one can heal.

It is someone who has experienced trauma themselves who uses their experience to help others towards their own healing. Compassion can only be taught through experience and suffering. It is not a concept that someone can learn from a book, or via a course. Compassion crosses the distance between sympathy and turns it into empathy.

Greek mythology gives us the myth of Chiron who learned knowledge of the healing arts when he was wounded by an arrow poisoned with the blood of the Hydra. His wound led him in the quest for knowledge to heal himself that he eventually taught to others. Mythology teaches us much wisdom through archetypes, like the wounded healer, of how to take the journey towards healing. It is by healing ourselves that we can help others.

When one makes a caring, compassionate connection with a wounded healer who is a brother or a sister through empathy this connection facilitates the healing process. The counselor’s empathy furthered my healing process, so I grew in courage to face issues that I had denied for over ten years. Good therapeutic relationships also teach the counselor how to further their own personal development. I can remember her seeking new tools that would help to challenge me outside of my comfort zone. Now when someone is a caring professional it helps the client to feel  safe in doing this.

Healing as I said works on the level of the soul. It means that the healer makes a soul to soul connection that facilitates the healing process. Healing requires surrendering to a power greater than yourself. Caroline Myss discusses in her YouTube video how your soul must get strong enough, so it will fear nothing. Surrender is the zero point of true faith, and as human beings our egos want to control what our reality will be. Surrender means existing only in the present. It is the realization that the past is done, and the future is not written yet. It require the deepest trust, and faith in something greater than yourself. Now what ever religious or spiritual path the healer is on he or she must surrender to God/Source, or their own healing will not move forward.

Jesus Christ is another example of the wounded healer archetype. He experiences in the New Testament torture, and then death via crucifixion. He prays to God in the Garden of Gethsemane to take the poisoned cup from his lips yet he does surrender to the will of God. Can you imagine knowing that you are going to die and surrendering like that? It’s a difficult concept for most of us to even wrap our heads around. It makes asking for assistance with a mental illness, addiction, or a physical illness to seem like the prayer will be answered. Hillsong, a Christian musical group, wrote a song called Healer that talks about surrender to God when one needs healing.


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A Sound Mind in a Sound Body?

When you look in the mirror and truly realize how sometimes your mind and your body don’t cooperate it can be so very frustrating. Today was one of those days for me. I am facing a difficult personal battle as I needed to arrange medical appointments, examinations, and tests. Later on in this blog post, I am going to share an article in the hopes that it will get out to the medical profession about how to treat someone who is trying to take care of their health, and is struggling with PTSD.

One of my recovery challenges has been to take personal responsiblity for my health. Years of negative thought patterns have resulted in me not caring enough to eat properly, get an adequate amount of sleep, not coping with stress properly, or to exercise on a regular basis. I have also used alcohol to self-medicate. These behaviours were very self-destructive. Once you become self-aware; the process of changing self-abuse into self-love can be a long and arduous process.

Neglecting one’s health is a lot like trying to commit a form of suicide very slowly and painfully. The loss of your life can be caused by putting yourself at higher risk for cancer, diabetes, stroke and heart disease. Abusing alcohol or drugs can lead to cirrhosis of the liver, a higher risk of contracting Hepatitis C, and many other health issues. Some women who are survivors of rape, sexual assault or childhood sexual abuse experience pelvic inflammatory disease, sexually transmitted infections, and infertility. One would think that the experience of the trauma itself should be enough on its own.

One symptom of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is avoidance of triggers. A trigger is anything that is a reminder of a past trauma, and provokes an emotional response. Now one example of this would be a woman who was raped who will not see a gynecologist out of fear that she will have a flashback, or body memories during the exam. Now avoidance is very problematic, because the survivor’s health will be neglected if necessary tests, examinations, medical procedures, and treatment are not done.

It’s my hope that by posting this article, “Sexual Trauma: Information for Medical Providers“, that it will encourage greater awareness and compassion among medical professionals. Personally, I recently had to be examined, and I was very fortunate that I dealt with a professional who had a compassionate, caring manner. Despite her professional manner, it was still really difficult for me. Bravery means facing what frightens you the most, and moving forward despite your fears.