Night Moves

Just you, me and our thoughts

gentle voice heard in the mind

once upon a time…

those words thought to be only my own


Tied to you by the red thread of fate

unsure of quite how we are

a story in an epic adventure penned by us

cannot read ahead to ending

both hoping that it will be a happy one


Sitting in a coffee shop at midnight

looking out at the quiet street

sipping a cheap coffee made perfect

by the pecan, cinnamon and apple explosion

your spirit sitting next to me in the window’s reflection


Into the night I wander as you slumber

yet you travel beside me

my faithful soul connection gazing at bright stars

midnight and cobalt blue sky lit up

and the night moves along with us


(c) Amanda Wilson 2013


Sacred Dream

Misty eyed haze upon early waking

was the mirage you I saw?

your arms around me so briefly then…

an old familiar aching in the chest

a memory of being safe and warm

an inner earth mother’s wellspring nourished

you are….

a dream?

a memory?

an illusion?

or the phantasm haunting my heart’s halls?

you are a strange comfort

during these surreal days where world spins off kilter

my sacred dream

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013

Waking Up Alone

torn asunder from a blissful dream

sitting by the waterfall in astral realms

I was tangled in your warm embrace

where I yearned to stay until dawn’s harsh light

unsure why mind started odd quarrels at 4 am

can heart be certain of what it heard?

or is the mind creating stories again?

what odd lonesome days these are!

a spirit searching for her companion

and waking up alone from the dream.

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013



Dreaming of Us

Dreaming of Us

lifted by your strong arms

gaze back into blue soul windows

two bodies about to be heaven bound

your hands caressing my hair

as in night time serene

both dressed only in inky cloak

spread with stars’ splendor

I see your wistful expression

and hear the words:

“I love you and I miss you.”

and my heart speaks the same words

before my mouth can

then I awaken from dreaming of us

(c) Amanda Wilson 2012