Baggage Claim

watching them spin around the airport terminal

arrived from many places

cocaine hidden in Aunt Dorothy’s panties

or tacky souvenirs wrapped in a t-shirt

can luggage go unclaimed?

airlines lose the baggage we need the most

really what do we need to carry?

sitting on a bench I watch others claiming luggage

black uniform suitcases tied with scarves

bright purple hard sided cases

expensive Louis Vuitton luggage one treasures for life

for myself…I hold a small leather carry on that sees me through

many arrivals and departures…long ago I left baggage unclaimed

without a forwarding address or name on my luggage tags

so the airline can’t force a baggage claim


(c) Amanda Wilson 2013



Two Hearts

Earlier this morning I was thinking about an old friend of mine who played the Jayhawks for me for the first time a few years back. Their lyrics and music have a great deal of emotion and meaning behind them. They are a band that honestly are very underrated in my opinion by the mainstream media. Great music, these days, does tend to be though. I hope that you enjoy their song “Two Hearts” as much as I did.


Feel It All

Sometimes visual images and music can be even more powerful than words I join together in a poem. Yesterday I found the music video for KT Tunstall’s song “Feel It All.” The music video has a man and a woman standing on a board where they balance each other’s weight. If one person steps off the board then the other will possibly fall over the cliff. The symbolism in the video is so powerful to me personally, because during difficult times in life it can be scary to feel it all and balance yourself on that board. Before KT Tunstall wrote the material on her latest album she had both lost her father in August of last year and been through a divorce, so the songwriting on Invisible Empire/Crescent Moon comes from a very honest place emotionally. Her music is worth a listen if you have the desire to hear something real.


Death to Analysis

sometimes mind’s meanderings are just

nocturnal noise…nonsensical at best

dream or nightmare are just thoughts

thoughts and emotions flow away like rushing rapids

not a drama of Jung’s archetypes acted out

on the mind’s stage; seeing The Hanged Man martyr himself

or a Freudian wish fulfillment coping with repressed desires

just me who wishes to feel what I feel

calling for death to analysis


(c) Amanda Wilson 2013

Tracking Reality

Sky bird by AlfaZentaura on deviant Art

Tracking Reality

 I listen to the sound of

Wings beating on the careless sky

Wanting to make everyone understand

Reality exists with waking dreams


Love someone and hold them tight

Even if it is for just tonight

Strange how little I know

Even when the lilies flow


Down a river past the sea

Parted the shores by the galley

Of a ship washed on the beach

Pitying the trials of people who reach


Is it too late to learn?

Words become deniable

Thoughts are unreliable

Random chains of touch


Working your magic of love

You try to save someone

Who doesn’t understand

But who wants to


Tracking reality broken by dreams

Told that her fantasies were pointless

Yet wanting to learn to heal

From a massacred heart


These verses are how one speaks

In silent tongues full of riddles

When clear words are too scary

Or thoughts fail to track reality


A reality one clings to with hope

Yearning to touch someone in soul

Not being able to see in

Frustrated by not trusting in what she feels

(c) Amanda Wilson 2012