Poem for the Broken Man

You are a broken man

Whose pain burns-

let love put out the fire

so hope can live


The world has not forgotten you

pain causes a horrible blindness

before you leave this world let love nurture you


Please remember you are precious

world would lose too much

Despite what you feel you did

Or failed in

They don’t matter in God’s heart


Remember you are unique

Someone’s precious child

And also a strong man

Whose heart can swing from birches again


This world is only a temporary home

It breaks a little or greatly

Creating the illusion of generations

Cursed to be separated from God

We are not fallen; just need to remember Home


We can trace that painful moment

where your heart broke

Let the love you deserve inside

for it’s an infinite well; healing the heart


The Beloved isn’t a stranger, but yes rest

Forgiveness: a rest for those who are friends and foes

Your Father is here with you now

His gifts are here and are at home

You always were Home

And so very very loved


Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm

moment’s pause to catch my breath

its hollow sounding rattle rasps

reverberating conic echo

strange silence inside the hurricane

coiled spring inside my broken chest


for one last collapsing breath

exhaustion beyond reason’s solutions

seeking true home’s tranquility

remembered in eye of the storm

(c) Amanda Wilson 2012

I Will Rest in You

“I Will Rest in You” is a beautiful, spiritual song by Mindy Gledhill. This week I hit a rough patch in my recovery where I am afraid to open the door to my heart. Allowing someone I love into the temple of my heart leaves me very open and vulnerable. My heart doesn’t wish to trust myself or others, because it has been hurt several times deeply in this lifetime. Giving and receiving love requires an open heart, which I do not have at this time. Faith in God really is the only option that I have right now as I have exhausted all my own knowledge on how to open my heart. Some where within I can see the beauty of my own heart and would like to share it in my intimate partnership. God’s unconditional love is the purest form that we can be witness to, so this is my starting point.


Soul’s Cry

Soul’s Cry

light within deepest sensitivity

seeing rawest wounds

understanding love’s choice hurts

oh dearest…how the pain aches

do you hear my soul cry?

how shrill the pitch; a keening

banshee’s shrieked warning

deafening amidst your silence

heart commits strange crimes

against what we long for the most

tenderness and kindness too much

for a wounded heart to hold

creator hearing my soul’s cry

(c) 2012 Amanda Wilson

Within Quiet

Within Quiet

life’s winding highway throws curves

each breath

fertile blessings of grace

faith means not knowing or understanding

purpose to events right now

yet still seeing all is well

within the quiet; within myself

resides the loving, comforting voice

of the infinite and omnipresent

my world changes constantly

shaping a wonderous path for my life

pebbles from stoning flow away from me

lost in the raging river flowing to vast seas

living in the quiet; my God and me

(c) 2012 Amanda Wilson

Balm for the Spirit


Balm for the Spirit

Thank you for all the pain

Sitting in the darkness’ depths

Remembering such ecstasy

Simplicity of surrendering

Letting go completely

Little girl trusting once again

Wind whispering  so softly

Ruffling my hair

Sitting on mountain perch

Deep breaths in and out

Witnessing sunset to moon rise

Within a broken heart

Resides seeds to plant




Returning to promised Eden

Not lost; suffering blindness

Your Love, Oh my Beloved

Is balm for the spirit.

(c) 2012 Amanda Wilson

Dark Night of the Soul

Those of us who follow a spiritual path from time to time face a difficult time, the dark night of the soul, that can manifest as depression among other things. It is a time largely of solitude, and seeking inwards. Meditation, prayer, and other spiritual practices may bring limited comfort. Suffering does purify the heart although the process can be very painful as old part of your ego drop away. Many of the things I believed were true about myself, those around me, what I believed, and what is truly important were not the truth. In the midst of this, God does watch and love us even though we may feel alienated during the painful growth. St. John of the Cross wrote this beautiful love song between himself and God. Its expression of the passionate love for God gave me comfort during this difficult time.