My Naked Soul

Lying in our clover bed,

Branches sheltering our heads,

You saw my naked soul,

Naked body wanted to lose control,

Witnessed by moon and stars alone,

I’ve come undone.

Way too late for us to run,

Fear: to you I’m just fun,

Curious distraction for the lonely.

I let you see all of me,

My naked soul.



what is the nature of your intentions?

grabbing the warrior’s shield

hanging in the great hall

what do you fear more?

the maiden who carries a knife in her boot

knowing her aim hits its mark

or that you cannot protect her from yourself

will you chain and lock yourself in the tower

when the full moon reaches its orb

transforming before the mirror

unprotected by shields from yourself.


(c) Amanda Wilson 2014




Oh how we distract ourselves,

from expectations gone awry,

subject behind our addictions,

such silent afflictions,

so afraid of what society does spy,

scared sheep placing dreams onto shelves.


Lost in the fear of suffering,


don’t dare to look back at your reflection,

calling ourselves the names we hear,

ego tripping on itself,

when I choose courage over fear,

residing in a joyful moment,

when I stand my ground.

Depth of Heart

If only I could give you the keys,

without the ghosts in the halls,

Would you keep going?

if you saw inside that dark room…

too many said they would stay,

then raced away when they heard the roaring,

heart broke far too much for one lifetime,

and I fought the demons by myself,

so I stopped dreaming and seeking;

a little love clinging to me for dear life,

when the flood from your love came,

the water filled my lungs,

drowning in the depth of your heart.

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013

The Nightmare

Laying down my tired body

a journey begins to flow

where I go to the place of hopes and fears.


Standing in a hospital’s hallway

hair on my arms begins to prickle

something is not right here; stomach churns.


Lying on a stretcher; you are there

your eyes are closed and messy dark hair

hooked up to a heart monitor, an erratic rhythm


I am looking in from the hall,

a disembodied witness wanting to scream,

as I hear the heart monitor sound the alert.


Nurses and doctors swarm you as little I can see,

I am pushed aside as they race,

they call “Clear!” and try with the paddles.


Your body rises up but still no response,

they try again…nothing

pulling a sheet over your face.


I collapse down on my knees,

as I can’t force a scream out,

tears won’t come as the shock is too great.

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013

Reflecting on Shadow

Reflecting on Shadow

little girl playing fairy tales

days before logic’s ruin

imagination and intuition

world at her feet of infinite possibilities

she’s square peg in round hole

miscreant, misfit, outsider

gypsy soul reading too many books

inexperienced in art of living

woman hiding lost little girl

longing in heart to adventure

in great wide open spaces

confined by her own fears

reflecting on her shadow

one she keeps running from

(c) Amanda Wilson 2012