Anam Cara (Soul Friend)

Two souls known to one another,

We may meet on the train,

Or in a dark smoky pub,

We are not strangers,

I walked with you in the garden,

Your presence like slipping into a warm bath,

Time and distance have us ebb and flow,

When we meet again on the road,

It’s like we never said farewell,

You arrive at my door,

I am your home and you’re mine,

my anam cara,

my beautiful soul friend.


Rosy Friends

Rosy Friends

The roses in the photograph were given to me as a thank you by a dear friend of mine. It was the very first time that a friend showed appreciation in this manner. I was deeply touched by the gesture. Sometimes I have received a thank you card, or a heartfelt thank you verbally. When I decide to give of my time, or anything else I am not seeking recognition although thanks are always appreciated. Expressing gratitude for one’s blessings does make for a more beautiful life.


Collision Course

how I’d love to talk to our great mystery maker

on subject of divine timing

pick Creator’s brain and ask


everything I thought I know turned upside down

you are a celestial gift

one beautiful soul deserving better than me

better than I can offer you

you tried to show the soul’s beauty

you’re a lot more than even you know

thunder and lightening on a collision course

changing landscape of all I know

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013

Reflecting on Freckles

On Monday evening, I had the privilege to visit a friend who I haven’t seen in a couple of weeks. The weather here made a very quick transition from the cold of late winter into sunshine with the temperature in the double digits. My friend and her children spent a few afternoons and evenings enjoying the sunny warm weather. April is fair skinned and a red head who develops freckles when she spends a lot of time in the sun. She told me once as a child that she was very self conscious about those freckles.

Her red hair, and yes even those freckles, make her beautiful in the eyes of those who love her. When you look in the mirror at yourself how do you view those things that you perceive as imperfections? Those who love you could very well argue that they make you unique and special. How wonderful it would be if we choose to love everything about ourselves?

Natasha Bedingfield’s song “Freckles” caused me to smile when I heard it. My favourite lyric is: “A face without freckles/ Is like a sky without stars.” The night sky loses something when the stars are not out. We lose our most lovable qualities when we try to hide them from others, or do not give them the love that they deserve. It is very much a waste of time to not love yourself for the all the unique and wonderful qualities that you can share that will enrich our world.


Long Distance Hug

Earl Grey tea in thermos sitting with you in the wasteland

I wiped the sting of tears

braving the biting wind’s buffets

I am with you even when I am not there

wrap my love around you

a warm blanket or a first teddy bear

if I could journey far for the balm for your heart

I would leave right now

these words are my long distance hug


(c) Amanda Wilson 2013


Feeling Like A Kid Again

too much of ourselves

mired in bill payments and grocery lists

child within me wants to play with the child within you

she’s needing smiles and giggles too

bring me on your adventures

right in your livingroom

kitchen chair and blanket forts

cookies and milk innocence

old friend, it’s been too long since we laughed

my little girl jumping up and down

anticipation builds…

for the opportunity to feel like a kid again

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013


Loving Boy Within A Man

The following poem is both dedicated to my husband and to a dear old friend.

Loving the Boy Within the Man

Thinking back to lazy summer days…

you and your brothers throwing firecrackers at,

each other’s ankles foreshadowing silly pranks.

your wives laughing at your silliness.


Chasing your nieces and nephew,

little girl sailing through the air;

adults smiling at her peals of laughter,

boyish fun a glimpse of future loving father made.


Remember a hard pink slip morning,

whiskey in a glass at 9 am and your fears…

of disappointing me: loving you more for showing your weakness

and holding you until you fell asleep in my arms.


In my imagination you swing on birches,

my little girl lost climbing tall trees,

remembering she was always whole,

and worthy of love.


Fun hiding in your innocent, soulful blue eyes,

part of you even though you forget sometimes,

remains untouched from loss,

inside the noble man that you are…


Lives a boy who has a gentle smile,

who thaws the frosty hearts,

of those who do not know how

to love the boy within the man.


(c) Amanda Wilson 2013