Reflection: Guardian Angel


“Your guardian angels want you to know how much they love you right now. Your angel’s love is completely unconditional and all encompassing” (Virtue p. 23).

My week started off very rough with bad news concerning my maternal grandmother. Grandma became, as I grew into a woman, a cherished friend who accepted and loved me unconditionally. The doctor shared with us that she has leukemia and her prognosis is not good.  The past five years I have lost relative after relative to cancer or illness.

My faith in God is tested right now to its limit. The Guardian Angel card that I drew for the weekly reflection feels especially important to me. It will resonate with any of you out there struggling or needing comfort. We all experience moments where we may feel abandoned by God.

He promises: “Those who sow in tears shall reap in joy.” (Psalm 126:5)

One way God keeps his promise is to grant us aid through his angels. They are there to assist us and reassure us that we are never alone. We are granted grace, so nothing we say or do will break our spiritual bond to our Creator. They are sent by him to support us in our spiritual growth and how we can be of service to others.

Wishing all of you comfort and sending you much love,




God winks at us,
Keeping inside joke to himself,
It’s unexpected answer,
To my earliest prayer,
You spiral towards me,
Star man.
Who are you really?
Perhaps you awakening…
Don’t see your heart’s power,
You rattle my bones,
When I gaze into your eyes,
Sense of home,
Terrifying and so real,

Tuesday’s Reflections : Heal the Ouch

Forgiveness is the healer of the  soul.


This week’s oracle card builds upon the healing began during  last week’s reflection. Forgiveness  of others and yourself  is only a starting  point in the  healing process .  “Heal the Ouch” is a  card that I  drew from  The Enchanted  Map oracle deck. The soul can  be  like a  compass, when we align it to God, our True North. Meanings attached to this card indicate that this is  a  time where soothing  your body, heart, soul and mind is the  focus. If you, dear Reader, resonate with this card then perhaps study  the healing arts, so you can  develop your natural  abilities to restore  wellness in others. It can also point to making an oath to do no harm through your thoughts, words and actions. This card may mean that reconciliations are possible in a  broken  relationship. The theme  of  healing and  connecting  to  others during  the  process has been  a  theme of my life for a  long  time  now. We are  both the masterpiece  and the  work in progress at the  same  time  as we heal.

Amanda  Daoust

Cheerios in a Bowl

Floating  on a  milk sea,
We drift apart for  a  time,
Not seeing we are  in the  same bowl,
We spiral to edge of  the galaxy,
Perception  of  small  or infinite,
It’s  still the same  bowl,
Of the Trinity deciding-
Cosmic law…
Adam and Eve will reunite,
Like two cheerios in a bowl.

Prodigal Daughter

In a kingdom near by but a long ago time,

Lived a princess who was special,

Her heart could see into others’ hearts,

What a beautiful healing gift she had!

King loved his precious daughter very much.


This joy was not to last forever…

She sensed in a friend’s heart his despair,

It was a secret that he alone carried…

Tragedy extinguished his vibrant spark.

Her heart broke before anyone else knew.


That broken heart became an open portal,

For darkness likes to try to destroy it,

Heinous whispers began from those around her,

You knew before we did?

Lies buzzed in her ears and in the air.

She was to be feared and shunned as so very wrong.


She vanished under cloak of night far away,




The King sent out his brave knights, but they returned with no trace of her,

Except for one who continued to search.


The princess traveled far away to foreign lands,

She witnessed the horrors and rarely the love,

From the vast seas to dry deserts,

Her hands became calloused by work,

Her heart hardened by loneliness,

She longed deeply for home,

Carrying a deep sadness that she was in exile forever.


The knight was almost ready to give up his search,

He stopped at a well to quench his thirst,

Then he looked up to meet her eyes,

Moment of recognition…


She grabbed her sword in defense,

He took it gently out of her hands and said:

“It’s time for you to come Home,

Your Father loves you and cries at your loss.”


She held his hand as he helped her onto his horse,

Gazing into his kind, gentle and careworn eyes,

He had seen many battles to find her,

He vowed to keep her safe on their journey home.


By firelight, she tended to his old wounds,

She remembered her beautiful gift,

Returning her to a softness balanced by experience,

He became more the knight he once knew as his heart healed,

She carried a sad ache as they were almost home.


He looked as her sadly as he took her off his horse,

They both knew it was time to say farewell,

He had another journey to take,

For she was no longer the prodigal daughter,

And he had brought her Home.

Heart’s Fire

When you look at me,

Travels down to my essence,

You set my heart ablaze,

Oh how I love!

Yearning to give you all of me,

For you I kindled the spark,

And you’re learning to tend the fire,

Passion is the match,

Respect is the kindling,

Love is the wood that keeps it burning,

My soul knows you’ll learn,

About the heart’s fire.