Mindful Cleaning

Mindful Cleaning

Smelling lemon scent

Scrubbing tub in concentration

In and out I breathe


(c) 2012 Amanda Wilson


Knock and the Call

Over the past few months I have experienced some really powerful and vivid dreams. Vivid dreams are something that I experienced even as a child long before post traumatic stress disorder and depression took hold. Vivid dreaming means that my nightmares can run like a frightening horror movie, but my dreams are also the same. I remember my dreams in colour, and even sensory experiences like smells. During my waking hours I pay attention to my environment so one would think that this continues when I sleep as well.

The unconcious mind sorts the day’s events, what is troubling us, or what we need in our lives. The haiku below were inspired by two really vivid dreams that actually woke me up with how strong they were. I thought that perhaps I was awakened by a sound rather than my dream. This proved not to be the case with these dreams. In both cases I jumped out of bed then I checked my front door (the knock), and searched for the male voice gently calling my name (the call).

The Knock

Sleeper awaken

Divinity calls me-He knocks

Breaking illusion’s grip

Calling My Name

Soft gentle voice

Speaks my name like a beloved

He’s here always

Well, I hope that you enjoy these poems, and have pleasant dreams this evening.

(c) 2012 Amanda Wilson