Midnight Garden

Van Gogh Starry Night
Van Gogh Starry Night

The Midnight Garden

once heavy lids close on tired eyes,

I journey to a Van Gogh landscape

a cobalt blue dotted golden skies

as soul lovers find their escape


we are home to midnight dreams

souls painting with Love’s dew

a river began as mountain streams

this soft breath helps us to renew


listening to whispering breezes

swaying the grandest of trees

snuggled into you; warmth eases

daytime worries bringing to knees


our paradise in the midnight garden

our heaven: what dreams may come

two into one returned to Eden

kindred souls who are Home.

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013


In the Deep

In the Deep

something so foreign to most

sounds like hearing an ancient, dead tongue

to gaze in the face of God

before it is time to return home

I remember love so very deep

yearning as soul protests

please allow me to stay here

diving where the dolphins sing

no more thought of burdens or illusions

just perfect crystal blue peace in the deep

hands sent me back and air filled my lungs

uncertain of reasons for my exile

always aching for that Home; a pilgrim wanderer

(c) Amanda Wilson 2012

Soul Song

Soul Song

is it possible for a love so deep,

to cross chasms of distance?

your strange blessing on my happiness

feeling spirit’s energy

is it possible for Love’s blue flame

to bless the love we share with others?

did you whisper to one who shares my life

my heart’s secret desires for joy?

I remember our soul song,

crystal palace beyond the woods,

diving into the waterfall and laughing,

as I cry I remind myself that a lifetime

is only a blink in God’s eyes

two beacons of light merged together

resonating our soul song.

(c) Amanda Wilson 2012

Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm

moment’s pause to catch my breath

its hollow sounding rattle rasps

reverberating conic echo

strange silence inside the hurricane

coiled spring inside my broken chest


for one last collapsing breath

exhaustion beyond reason’s solutions

seeking true home’s tranquility

remembered in eye of the storm

(c) Amanda Wilson 2012