Dance Like Nobody’s Looking!

Earlier today I was singing this for my son and dancing like an idiot around the house. It takes very little to amuse a child. He was laughing and smiling within a few moments of his mother looking silly. When I am having a rough day being around my son puts what is really important into perspective. We should always make the time to be silly enough to laugh at ourselves. Once one forgets how to sing, dance and laugh…depression isn’t very far behind. What ever you can do to have fun today will keep your children or your inner child entertained.



My Head Must Be Comfortable…

My Head Must Be Comfortable...

The image above is from or LOLcats as they are also known. I subscribe to their daily newsletter that includes funny images, and videos with an animal humour theme. If you share your home with a cat then you will understand how she will sometimes lie on you in a position that is comfortable for her, but not so much for you. One never owns a cat. You may after many years reach the level of companion, friend, and room mate. Perhaps, the reason why I love these creatures so much is for their curious nature.


Sometimes heaven is…

Sometimes heaven is a hot bath. This blog post was inspired by two things. The first one is an art print I remember seeing at a close friend’s house that reads “Sometimes heaven is a hot bath.” The second was the music video I just watched a short time ago of the Sesame Street classic sung by Ernie entitled “Rubber Duckie You’re the One.”

Recently, I started to begin the tedious process of de-cluttering my home, cleaning, and preparing for the arrival of our baby. Today I pushed myself physically a little bit too much, so my lower back, hip and leg are sore. I developed sciatic pain shortly after I entered the second trimester of my pregnancy. What I should have done was to call my sister or a friend to help me get a few things done rather than pushing my body beyond its capacity.

When I was working full time often a hot bath with Epsom salts and essential oils, or bubble bath would help to ease the stresses of the day. I would use lavender bubble bath, oil or lotion to relax myself enough to help me go to sleep without insomnia’s plague. These days that soak in the tub helps to relieve the soreness in muscles. No, I do not have a rubber ducky but Ernie singing made me smile.

If you will all please excuse me I hear the water running in my tub right now. Hope that this evening you have the opportunity to enjoy something that you love that relaxes you at the same time.


Hello My Baby…Hello My Honey

My inner child was well entertained earlier when I stumbled across a video of the frog from Loony Tunes singing “Hello My Baby.” The video that I am sharing with you has a compilation of songs that the frog sings in the cartoon. I grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons, and it is always worthwhile to share with others what makes you smile.


Blanket Thieves

Blanket Thieves

twang of duelling banjoes play

as nightly ritual starts

he rolls into deeper rest


comforter, pillow and sheets closer

she suffers cold buttocks and drafty arms

so she yanks even harder

rolling into a cocoon

he calls the “crocodile death barrel roll”

battle of wills…

his, hers, his, hers, his, hers, his, hers

who will win?

nightly dance of blanket thieves


(c) Amanda Wilson 2013