Creative Beginnings


Photographs make time frozen in a perfect moment that one can only revisit when you go through your collection of pictures. Halloween’s passage made for an introspective time for me personally. Autumn began with my 35th birthday, which has me at life’s midpoint. I know that I can snap all the photographs in the world, but I cannot stop the passage of time. We can always choose what we do with the present moment that is right in front of us. The photograph above will be exhibited starting November 18th until December 29th at my local museum as part of an annual art show held by local artists. I chose recently to open my heart to the possibilities that intuition leads me towards. Something beautiful can happen when you are willing to receive who or what is in alignment with your soul. We each have a beautiful inner compass that guides our journey through this life if we will only trust it.



A Poem: WTF?

I scratch my head…

brows furrowed together as they knit

puzzle unsolved or riddle without an answer

baffled by human behaviour…

when mostly predictable creatures they are

ego seeking project or a problem

ongoing mucking out process

mind’s computer trying to solve equation

manufacture brain approved solution

when intuition knows the answer then goes


Within Quiet

Within Quiet

life’s winding highway throws curves

each breath

fertile blessings of grace

faith means not knowing or understanding

purpose to events right now

yet still seeing all is well

within the quiet; within myself

resides the loving, comforting voice

of the infinite and omnipresent

my world changes constantly

shaping a wonderous path for my life

pebbles from stoning flow away from me

lost in the raging river flowing to vast seas

living in the quiet; my God and me

(c) 2012 Amanda Wilson

The Voice Within

Christina’s Aguilera’s voice has the power to express passionate emotion. “The Voice Within” expresses the message that your inner knowingness gives you all the tools that you need to cope with whatever is happening around you. An open heart allows our souls to listen to God. Singing and making music are not the creative gifts that God chose to bless me with.

I am so very blessed though with the capacity to be deeply moved by what I hear, see and experience. Three times already today I was blessed with gifts that have assisted in healing, provided peace, or expressed strong emotion that I cannot yet. Despite the chaos surrounding me I have everything that I need. This is like a forest fire that destroys dead trees, and the nutrients in the ashes help new growth to flourish.

Those of you who read my blog, like my posts and comment really are wonderful blessings that encourage me to keep writing. Thank you for this.