A Poem: WTF?

I scratch my head…

brows furrowed together as they knit

puzzle unsolved or riddle without an answer

baffled by human behaviour…

when mostly predictable creatures they are

ego seeking project or a problem

ongoing mucking out process

mind’s computer trying to solve equation

manufacture brain approved solution

when intuition knows the answer then goes



Baggage Claim

watching them spin around the airport terminal

arrived from many places

cocaine hidden in Aunt Dorothy’s panties

or tacky souvenirs wrapped in a t-shirt

can luggage go unclaimed?

airlines lose the baggage we need the most

really what do we need to carry?

sitting on a bench I watch others claiming luggage

black uniform suitcases tied with scarves

bright purple hard sided cases

expensive Louis Vuitton luggage one treasures for life

for myself…I hold a small leather carry on that sees me through

many arrivals and departures…long ago I left baggage unclaimed

without a forwarding address or name on my luggage tags

so the airline can’t force a baggage claim


(c) Amanda Wilson 2013


White Flag

Diving bravely into life,

unaware of what lies beneath deep water,

will I tread, swim or drown?


Raising the white flag,

dropping my armour and my sword,

treaty has been signed for battle I can’t win.


A will bent far too many times,

taking up foolish arms in a civil war,

time to make peace with the universe.


So I surrender…

hoping that the path before me,

will lead me back Home where I belong.


(c) Amanda Wilson 2013

Beauty in Mess

Beauty in Mess

I took this photograph about a month ago near an old railway bridge. I found the pile of wood and the crack behind it to be interesting visually. There can be beauty even in the mess. Life is definitely this way especially on a rainy morning where this blogger did not sleep well the night before. Hope that all of you have a great day.


Speaking to Soul

I don’t know how to speak to you,

not since childish innocence,

confronted with darkness within myself

All parts denied or long hidden away

Until a ripping open of Pandora’s box

where only one important ingredient remained hidden

as it did not escape

dear Soul where have you been?

where are you hiding in the muck?

a golden orb that flickers still

can you light the rest of my way home?

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013

Points of Impact

Points of Impact

dark cloud looms over me

unspoken secret constant fear within

to lose grip on hard won wellness

during life’s points of impact

a drafted soldier I am and will always be

fighting on bloodstained fields within

those relying on my strong heart need me during points of impact

when does rest for a veteran come?

battle can arrive as sneaking ambush

or the slow yet driving onslaught

walking wounded I am with shrapnel and bullet hole scars

captain, when does my tour of duty end?

negotiate an uneasy ceasefire with the universe

lay my tired heart with full military honours

in a peaceful resting place above the sea

so my spirit will no longer be troubled by points of impact


(c) Amanda Wilson 2013