Cheerios in a Bowl

Floating  on a  milk sea,
We drift apart for  a  time,
Not seeing we are  in the  same bowl,
We spiral to edge of  the galaxy,
Perception  of  small  or infinite,
It’s  still the same  bowl,
Of the Trinity deciding-
Cosmic law…
Adam and Eve will reunite,
Like two cheerios in a bowl.



Beauty’s  paradox lies in her mystery,
Her landscape changes form,
With life’s seasons.
What wondrous shapes she takes,
Lying on her side,
He traces with gentle fingers…
From softness falling at the nape,
Across shoulder’s sinew and bone,
Down to delicate decadent bosom,
He lingers in the mountains then he…
Rests his hand in waist’s valley,
He could slumber with her,
Solace found from life’s battle,
His hand caresses her hip,
He pulls her closer towards him,
To lose himself in her softness.

Duality Reflections

This song has been playing in my head most of this week so I thought that I would use it as the inspiration for a blog post. The song is “The River and The Highway” by Pam Tillis, and was released in 1996 when I was in my mid teens. My parents used to listen to country music television a lot when I was growing up. Music has always played a big part in our lives whether it plays in the background during our daily lives or plays a bigger role during special occasions.

The song tells a story about a woman and a man who travel physically separate yet are together as one in the spiritual sense. The woman, the river, travels a path that “follows the path of least resistance,” “no regard to distance,” and “never comes to a stop.” Yin (feminine) energy is very kinetic, flowing like water and continuous. The man, the highway, is “line between two lines of separation” and “he ends to where it says to on the map.” Yang (masculine) energy is logical, steady, and has a purpose when it acts. They both “roll” by themselves for much of their journey. Are we as men and women really so separate from each other? We seem to go through much of our lives alone.

There are moments of hope where we can connect to one another perhaps. Pam sings about “Every now and then he offers her a shoulder” and “Every now and then she overflows.” On rare occasions the man and the woman encounter each other when “a bridge crosses over; a moment every lover knows.” Love is perhaps what allows us to connect to each other for a very brief moment in time. It allows those energies to come together in one beautiful moment.

Buried in You

Bare feet caress the earth,
Connecting myself to the circuit,
Remind  me why I am here…
You call for me to love,
I’ve  loved them all.
They ebb and flow like the tides…
Could one heart leave a candle burning,
In the window just for me?
I’m weary from a long journey,
A gypsy soul longs to settle,
For a loving soul to wash my feet,
Have a hot meal waiting by the fire,
And to gift my heart,
With the solace it needs most,
Burying myself in you.


Time is never on our side,
Daily battle to fit each other in,
What happened to lazy Sundays?
Rainy afternoon delight…
That look you gave and I knew,
Everything would be alright,
I raise a child and keep house,
Everyone wants a piece of your time,
And my days are so full,
Where are we in the chaos?
All these thieves…


You fold me so carefully,

Into a shape I don’t know,

A graceful crane or resourceful frog,

It’s so very early,

Rising with the morning light,

You fold me and gently crease me,

With skilled hands in your art,

What creation comes from your art?

Perhaps I’m the boat dreaming…

Of shores I haven’t seen yet.

Remembering Christmas Spirit

The holiday season is approaching as shoppers bustle through the Store to get their lists completed. Advertisements show off the latest toys that kids will beg their parents for this season. We live in such a commercialized society that we sometimes forget that the holidays celebrated this time of year have religious origins. Whether you are Jewish, Pagan, or Christian they all share the spirit of giving and spending time with family. Last night my father was admitted to hospital and has been sick for some time with cancer. You never know when those memories you are making with loved ones could be the last ones. This season hold your loved ones close. Those who have much less than you it is worth sharing what you have to give even if it is just your time and a smile. The climate of fear we live with in our world today can start to be turned around if we respond to it with love. Love is such a fierce and pure force that it can work miracles. A miracle begins with a small kindness. Will you do someone that small kindness?