Time is never on our side,
Daily battle to fit each other in,
What happened to lazy Sundays?
Rainy afternoon delight…
That look you gave and I knew,
Everything would be alright,
I raise a child and keep house,
Everyone wants a piece of your time,
And my days are so full,
Where are we in the chaos?
All these thieves…


What Happened?

Days blend together in mundane fog

we speak same chit chat

Honey, how was your day?

you stopped asking me about mine

lacking interest beyond bills and baby

what happened? where did we get lost?

a spontaneous touch along my back

or passionate kissing in our kitchen just cause

do you know that I miss you?

as days blur together admitting loneliness

becomes the futile exercise

so I stop asking what happened

reckoning day will arrive

will you notice that I am gone?

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013

Exploring Sexual Depths

Last night I had the opportunity to go out with a friend for a beer at a local bar. Now these days with having a one month old son I don’t go out as often as I did before having a child. A bar is a funny place because if one really decided to observe you can almost cut sexual tension like a knife between two people. Often they may be strangers, or even those who just haven’t explored their passion for each other yet. In my blog I will be exploring some ideas around sexuality through my creative writing. “What would happen if we kissed” is a Meredith Brooks song that had me thinking about something that happened last night while I was out with my friend. An attractive man at the bar smiled at me as he was getting his beer then joined his friends. It had me thinking creatively about passionate encounters between strangers. What great story ideas one can get out of a “what if” scenario. I hope that you enjoy my future blog posts and all of you have a great weekend.


Blanket Thieves

Blanket Thieves

twang of duelling banjoes play

as nightly ritual starts

he rolls into deeper rest


comforter, pillow and sheets closer

she suffers cold buttocks and drafty arms

so she yanks even harder

rolling into a cocoon

he calls the “crocodile death barrel roll”

battle of wills…

his, hers, his, hers, his, hers, his, hers

who will win?

nightly dance of blanket thieves


(c) Amanda Wilson 2013


Gentle Soul

Gentle Soul

what mysterious ways you hold

cradling dove in your hands

soul sharing marital bands

your quiet strength untold

man and a boy combined

you keep going despite life’s knocks

paying your dues while avoiding rocks

your big heart and mine intertwined


(c) Amanda Wilson 2013



Widow nor Wife

Widow  nor Wife

How does one walk?

To the path of another

Without yourself to smother

Can’t talk the talk

A woman alone-not a wife

Whose choice is it?

A wife-promise of domestic strife

A woman’s place-society’s snit

Never a widow or a wife be

Cross myself for fear

Bridge destroyed at bay on sea

So I shed a quiet tear

No words to tell sorrow

Growing slowly apart

Board the plane tomorrow

Nursing the scars of heart

(c) Amanda Wilson 2012