If You Could Read My Mind

Great music and literature can tell capture moments in time that become part of the stories of our lives. As a writer, I find myself inspired by what I read, view in a photograph, or good music. Gordon Lightfoot tells stories with his songs. “If You Could Read My Mind” tells the story of a love that has been lost. All of us have at least one story of lost love in the book of our lives. What we choose to take out of memory can be a measure of who we are.



Answer to a Heart’s Question

you called into the vast universe:

“Am I remembered?”

so my soul answers in gentle verse.


oh my beloved…yes you are.

my first thought upon waking

then in my prayers at night


I remember hands large yet gentle,

and your hot mouth,

in secret places stirring something to life.


gentleness in your blue eyes,

hair falling in your face that is sexy to me,

flow of a mysterious current between us.


you have a rare way,

for a woman to feel beautiful in your arms,

seeing the within Goddess that I did not.


your music vibrated my heart

like a much needed tuning fork

remembering you is like playing a long forgotten melody


(c) Amanda Wilson 2013

Lighting a Match

Erotic memory can be very powerful. It’s power increases even more when the heart is involved. A deeper level happens when two souls touch each other. The band Vast released the song “Flames” and it talks about love in its purest form. You can read the lyrics below:

Flames by Vast

close your eyes
let me touch you now
let me give you something
that is real
close the door
leave your fears behind
let me give you
what you’re giving me
you are the only thing
that makes me want to live at all
when i am with you
there’s no reason to pretend that
when i am with you
i feel flames again
just put me inside you
i would never ever leave
just put me inside you
i would never ever leave you

Safe Port

Safe Port

memory clings to me as dew on roses

shut my eyes to travel to you

filling my heart full up with love

thoughts treasured as sought for pearls

memory: your gentle voice

throbbing heart’s chords so close

memory: your breath against my neck

wind to direct my sail across sea

memory: your arms along with us

tangled together skin against skin

heart doesn’t lie my beloved

when you are my safe port

(c) Amanda Wilson 2012