Stolen Tea Moment

Early morning moment where all is calm,

Savouring the silence,

Tea kettle whistle breaks my morning stillness,

Infuser filled with perfumed tea leaves and water,

Steep together; creating peaceful magic.

A stolen moment of pause before my day speeds up.

Embracing my day to day chaos; remembering to breathe…

Inhale deeply.

Exhale slowly.

Healing balm where time stands still for one mindful moment,

Where body, mind, heart and soul find repose.

My familiar comfort called upon when stealing a moment for tea.


Morning Peace

A house empty with calm silence,

No one has risen yet,

Sun ascending up into the sky.


Stars and the moon nodding off,

Time for them to doze,

Where they meet in the land of dreams.


Tea kettle whistles; alerting me awake,

Eggs sizzle in a frying pan,

Toast meets melting butter.


Hopeful possibilities of a brand new day,

Breathing slowly in and out,

Promising to myself to carry morning peace.

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013

Sing Like No One Hears

Sing Like No One Hears

Car load full up

Beautiful contradictions

Girls’ night craziness

Retro tune play-list shuffles

Shot gun I sit

Grinning ear to ear

Anticipating old school memories

Remembering a little girl

Kicking it footloose

Buckled in adult woman

Belting out the same tune

Off key passionately

Other ladies join in

For wonderful moment of Oneness

Karaoke means tone deaf

Japanese: I think

Not caring-lost in the moment

Sing like no one hears


(c) 2012 Amanda Wilson

When Plans Go Awry

rather than a fierce grimace,

choosing the middle path,

Not furious screaming at top of lungs,

chuckling inwards at life’s absurdity.

flowing with the rapids,

instead of against,

as something greater than I:

laughed at my plans.

not in cruelty but rather I have something else,

just wait for it…

just wait for it…

just wait for it…

God’s punchline at the joke of our hubris,

when we don’t see;

deeper meanings,

when plans go awry.


(c) 2012 Amanda Wilson

Mystical Romance


Mystical Romance

Far above worries of the world,

Lone figure sitting on rocky outcrop,

Grounds herself in moment,

Shoes taken off and bare feet,

Meet craggy and rough on skin.

Tears freely flow,

As beloved how I longed for you,

Heart ached so deeply,

Felt it splitting in my chest,

Breath catching in throat.

Do you hear me, Beloved?

Do you see me, precious one?

Oh how they have failed me,

Futile searching,


Please show me…

That you see me…

As I sat on the rocky outcrop,

Rich russets, dynamic orange, and passionate crimson

Peaked through the clouds.

For a peaceful span of breathing

I felt perfectly loved.

That in the midst of the pain,

Something miraculously beautiful

Will fill a tired heart with longed for joy.

A great adventure and mystical romance.

(c) 2012 Amanda Wilson